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Multiple factors have come together today to mess me up a)… 
7th-May-2007 08:34 pm
fairy princess
Multiple factors have come together today to mess me up

a) Psychology teacher making a mass touching session... I only had to touch two people... but it was for a prolonged period of time. Forced bubble invasion. This was mildly annoying. Now that the rest of the day has happened, I need a hug.

b) Father sent me a card. He wrote an apology that I actually believe. My heart is in my throat and I keep tearing up. I don't know how to feel.

c) I got in a mild wreck. An old lady opened her car door into my moving truck on Bay St. She kept crying. She kept saying that a few seconds later and she would have been gone. I know that if it were a few seconds later, I would have swerved. But I made an old lady think that I was gonna kill her. The cop came and signed something saying that it was not my fault and that it wont be on my insurance. But wow...

um... just found out that I couldnt open my passenger side door.
30th-May-2007 03:45 am (UTC)
eew! you had to touch people, gross! why? seriously... why? and did you get my email back in feb.?---carol ann. p.s. facebook told me you updated your websites and i finally worked up the cajones to ask if i pissed you off, and if so i'm sorry.
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