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19th-May-2007 12:00 pm
going places
Things are going very well with JJG (job possibility). I have had a phone interview with them, I have gone up to Atlanta for a real interview with the Art Director and a woman that is moving up in the creative department. During that interview, they told me that if they are hiring for a Junior Designer, then I'm the top candidate so far (but they had a few more to interview). But if they are hiring for the production designer, then they would offer me the job, but they hoped that I wouldn't take it because they think I can do better than that. So I came back to Savannah, sent them a thank you card (thank you Carol Ann for that training), and waited patiently by the computer and the phone. Well... they just got back to me. They are hiring for the Junior Designer position and they want to see me again. Lookin good! If I get this job, then I will be into a home of my own by the end of summer. I'll have my cats. I will get my Pug named Keyes. And if things keep going the in the direction they are going now... my social life and possibly more will be quite healthy as well.

Ducks are almost in the row...

I almost don't feel like this is real... I feel like I might wake up or something.
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