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Ready, Set, Go! 
31st-May-2007 08:08 am
going places
So here it is. The last day of classes. Today is my last day as a SCAD kid. I'm exceptionally proud of my portfolio. I'm ready to get out into that real world. And I'm ready to kick butt. I never thought I'd feel this ready for something like this. I always fear change. I think I got that out of the way early this quarter though. So now, I feel like there is absolutely no fear. It's wonderful. It's all that's in my head. Craig knows... it's all I can seem to talk about and he's probably getting quite sick of hearing of it. Izzle's coming in today so that she can see me graduate on Saturday. This is very appropriate, considering she was in my very first class at SCAD. 11am Mondays and Wednesdays Drawing 1. Good and bad, always a best freind. We've been through a lot. Sigh... well, I gotta get in the shower to get ready for my day. This is it. Here I go!
2nd-Jun-2007 09:10 pm (UTC)
Yes, we have been thru a lot. There will be a lot more too...especially since we've been together thru so much crap in 5 years and are still best friends.

It was a fantastic weekend getting to see you.


I love you amanda...so proud of you too.
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