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Tales of a big red scad girl
16th-Sep-2007 07:47 pm
fairy princess
I've made a mistake. I tried to take three bags of trash down carpeted stairs while wearing heels. I got to the 4th step, caught my heel, lost my balance and dived face first down the stairs. My shins caught some skinning and some rug burn on the way down. Then BLAM! Face-wall. Then my legs flew over my head and I heard my back click. I went to the hospital to get my back checked and my lip sewn up. The stitches sucked, but my back is fine... other than the fact that I have scoliosis and nobody caught it in 6th grade. Now I gotta go see about getting that fixed so that I don't hate myself when I'm old.
Lessons learned:
Shoes come off at door no matter what.
When taking things down stairs, keep one hand free for that railing.
Buy band-aids so that you don't look like you've just escaped from the wreckage of a train when you go to the hospital to get stitches. (I scared a child)

Is it bad that while falling, I thought of how much time this was going to take out of my work week and how inconvenient this fall was going to be to my productivity?

PS: My tooth is a little loose too...
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