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2nd-Dec-2008 02:18 am
fairy princess
Whelp, I'm waiting on my latest pastel kid to scan, and I'm really tired. So... I'm writing in this neglected thing to try to keep from passing out on my keyboard. James is working a "close bar" shift tonight, and I would like to be kinda awake when he gets home... When did 2am get late? When did I start needing 8 hours of sleep per night? Gar. Proper sleeping habits are no good for productivity. Neither is having a 40 hour a week job that has been causing brain rot since your friggin awesome boss got backstabbed by dumb and dumber. Sigh. June isn't coming quick enough. Also, why is the spelling rule "i before e except after c" never true when I'm actually paying attention to it? (In this case NEITHER is the word in question) K, well it scanned.

Since I suck at posting on this blog, and because before this point, this post wast pretty useless, here are some of the portraits I've done semi recently.

I did this charcoal quite a few months ago for a girl I work with. It is her and her husband at their wedding.

This is a colored pencil piece I did for a girl I used to work with.

I did this pastel a couple of weeks ago of another couple that recently got marrien. They are people that my aunt works with.

This pastel is the one I just scanned for another girl I work with.

So there. Now this post has a point to it. I hope you've enjoyed your visit. I'm going to bed.
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