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Big Red Blog
Tales of a big red scad girl
10th-Feb-2007 09:31 pm
I think I've just been hazed. I got to the hotel. Everyone said hi. Bo-Hog gave me a hug. We walked to the restaurant. Everything was fine and dandy. Our waiter was cool with us. Funny guy. Anyways... all was good until the lady beside me asked me if I wanted to know if he was single. Everything went down hill from there. They found out his height, his college background... they talked to his boss about me and him... ordering my dinner from him was a painful experience... they tried to get his phone number for me... at some point, they took a picture of the two of us... and at a most unfortunate point, they asked him if I could paint him naked. There were 10 of them, one poor little waiter, and one me. I had better be a part of their "club" after that. Thank goodness it was dark though. I was blotching pretty darn bad. Also, thank goodness for Georgia Peach martinis. If it wasn't for them, I would have felt twice the embarrassment. Blarg.

I'm just gonna avoid river street from now on.
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