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Big Red Blog
Tales of a big red scad girl
Spring Break So Far 
19th-Mar-2007 07:28 pm
- Drove up
- Stopped at a Classic Dennys (very cool)
- Visited Grandma and Grandpa
- Got home

- Slept in
- Went to a local coffee shop in historic Winder
- Went home
- Chilled out

- Went to a Saint Patricks Day Harley fair like thing at Killer Creek
--- Met Little Ted
-- Participated in Kiss the Crome: This is where you put on bright red lipstick and kiss a chrome pipe. Whoever has the best lip prints wins a trophy.
--- Got the creeps from someone staring at me while I was with my mother.
--- Bought a baby pink Harley cowgirl hat (cute!)
--- Got harrassed by Dennis about the possibility of dating Little Ted
--- Learned that Little Ted might call me
--- Won first prize at Kiss the Chrome (I totally beat last years champ! She came in second tee hee) This means I now have a big green trophy with a Harley on top that says that I won Best Lips.
- Rescued my truck that was trapped in a locked up parking lot (apparently I wasn't supposed to park there)
-Went home to eat
-Went to Wild Bills with Little Ted
-Came home at 2am

- Woke up late
- Bummed around the house
- Went out to South of the Border with Ben
- Went to see 300 with Ben
- Crashed early

- Woke up late
- Went out to get a new phone for Grandma
- Taught Grandma how to use her new phone
- Went to Starbucks and giggled with Grandma
- Went back to Grandparents house to show them my trophy
- Went to Wallmart to pick up some tape for my rain guard and some apricot scrub
--- Got chased all over wallmart by a guy who was working up his nerve
--- Went to feminine isle to confirm following
--- Following confirmed
--- Bought items
--- Headed towards car
--- Met wallmart-tag-along Josh
--- Agreed to give him my number
--- Declined offer to take a ride with him
-Got home
-Emailed Ben about Josh
-Typed this up

Oh, and I've learned that there are pictures up of me and that waitor from when the Killer Creek Hog Chapter came to Savannah and played "Make Amanda Blotch in Public" at that restaurant. For story of this event, read this post
Anyways... here are the pics.

And yeah... about Josh... That kinda thing hasn't happened in years!
22nd-Mar-2007 07:08 pm (UTC)
YAY about the boy. Let me know how the movie goes!

(sorry for being behind on your entries)
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