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Big Red Blog
Tales of a big red scad girl
Glass half full!!! Silver lining! Hello! 
22nd-Mar-2007 10:32 pm
fairy princess
So... date with Josh has moved to Friday. I've noticed something rather disturbing about myself. I've been social with two guys this week. I was basically set up with little Ted. We hung out... neither of us seemed to want anything out of it... I'm not his type, he's not mine... whatever. Josh got my number Monday. We are having a real, honest-to-God date tomorrow. Little Ted said "I'll call you tomorrow" on Saturday night, then forgot all about me. Josh has called me once every day since he got my number... he has made these calls during his break at work from a pay phone. These calls arent long, but they are made just to reassure me that he is still around and interested. Now... why am I all hmmm-haw whatever about Josh's efforts? Why am I really freaking dissappointed about Ted's lack of effort? Now... I don't want Ted like that. I would really like to have him as a friend... but the point is, I'm paying more attention to what I don't have. Not good! I need to fix that!

Ok.. post over, Jim (ex from high school) just IMed me
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